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At our organization, we share a belief in making a difference. And because our efforts create clear value for a great number of people every day, it’s a difference that truly matters. But it also requires a certain mindset to achieve.

When you start at One Agency, you become part of a knowledge hub working on digital transformation journeys for our clients in a broad and intelligent manner. We never forget that there are ordinary people on the other side of the projects. People who make a difference for our clients – but also for themselves. You will notice that your development opportunities are clear, both professionally and personally. Here, we work with world-class system development to solve complex and exciting challenges. But the most important factor in all of this is, of course, our employees; they are the very idea of One Agency.

Therefore, we have collectively built a culture that is inclusive, empathetic, and fun. Everyone here contributes to building the company. And we gather around our core values: Live service, being considerate, and always embracing a “can-do” mentality are part of our DNA; Courage to change – being open to change is about evolving; and Take massive action – we don’t wait for someone else to do the job.

We’ve come a long way, but we’re far from finished. Now, we invite you to join us on this journey. With us, you’ll be able to unleash your talent and at the same time make a difference for a great number of people – for real.

We look forward, hearing from you.

Your new career begins here

On our job page, you’ll find everything about the positions we’re currently seeking in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Take a look and then submit your application. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship?


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What do those who work here say?

”I spend a lot of time trying to be an enabler”

– Johan Holmberg, Product Owner på One Agency i Stockholm

“What I think sets One Agency apart from other IT consulting firms is that we focus on making the customer the hero rather than ourselves. And it’s an effort that starts from within. For example, I spend a lot of time trying to be an enabler and often consider if there’s anything hindering my colleagues, and how I can help if that’s the case. And I’m not alone in this. At our organization, there is a genuine interest in the development of all consultants. We do everything we can to help them find the right assignments and do the best job possible.

But it’s not just about technical competence. A strongly contributing factor to our success in making our customers heroes is that we work diligently on how we communicate. How to build trust with the customer by being responsive and willing to be personal. When my colleagues and I are on assignments, it’s about seeing and understanding what the customer needs, what they think they need, and what they actually need. And to do that, you need to be able to communicate with each other. Having attentive ears is an excellent starting point.

To make the customer a hero, you need to have trust from the management in your role as a consultant, and I have that 100%. I know that One Agency trusts me; they are always there to support me in challenges and solutions. I can always lean on a team of wise people with incredibly broad expertise who help me do a good job. I’m never alone as a consultant – even if you happen to be on an assignment by yourself.”


– Robert Eriksson, utvecklare på One Agency i Stockholm

“One of the things I like the most is our focus on competence development. How we constantly lift colleagues so they can do a better job, how we work on creating a good culture in the team, and how we ensure that everyone gets to have a say. It creates trust and makes our work enjoyable. Our competence development organization provides us with all the tools we need to deliver better, which, in turn, develops us both as consultants and employees. And it’s great when you know that you’re doing a good job.

But what’s really interesting is that we also work a lot on how to work with customers on various issues, in terms of communication. We see this as business-critical, and communication is something we talk about a lot. We know that the better we are at communicating and collaborating, the better the projects become, and the happier the customers are.

Another very exciting aspect of working at One Agency is the opportunity to grow by changing assignments. There is a strong focus on what you’re looking for as an individual. You set up structures that fit and actively look for what’s most enjoyable and challenging for you as an employee. And it’s not just from the management side; even colleagues regularly recommend exciting new assignments to each other.

If you have drive and ideas, you get responsibility. As long as it aligns with our overall mission, there’s a great deal of freedom here with responsibility. If you want to grow as a consultant and employee, One Agency is simply a very good workplace.”


– Cornelia Jeppsson, Java back-end utvecklare och scrum master på One Agency i Malmö

“What immediately appealed to me about us is the culture. It’s noticeably inclusive, yet at the same time, it’s a feeling that’s a little hard to pinpoint, it just exists. But it definitely gives you a sense of confidence. For me, a good culture equals an open environment, and that’s what we have here. And it generates good energy in the company.

For us, it’s not just about performing the task but seeing opportunities outside the box. Dare to fail. Making mistakes and learning is better than playing it safe and delivering mediocrity. That’s why everyone is encouraged to try. It gives confidence because you feel that there’s great support. The culture makes you dare to stand up for yourself – for what’s right.

I like this trust, and it applies very much among colleagues but also towards my bosses. I don’t just feel like an employee; I feel involved and very secure in the organization. I know that I contribute.

When something needs to change, we address it immediately. We dare to admit that there’s always room for improvements, and that’s an attitude that I find completely unique for a company. At the same time, our entire delivery is based on improving things. So in a way, it’s not strange at all.

At the same time, culture is a perishable commodity. So we work hard to maintain ours. Among other things, through ongoing training that everyone participates in and that strengthens both security and cohesion. I can sit in any corner, with completely new people, and never feel nervous. I can just be myself. That’s worth its weight in gold.”