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One Agency offers a wide range of high-quality services in tech and IT management that help our clients drive their digitalization faster, easier, and more predictably. We provide highly experienced expertise, and through a comprehensive skill development program, we can always deliver insights and solutions at the forefront of what is possible.

However, what primarily sets us apart from other skilled consultants is the way we offer our services. Our way of working is characterized by collaboration, open and honest communication, active listening, and continuous information sharing—ensuring it reaches the right recipients in the right manner. This way, we can keep it simple, uncomplicated, fast, and transparent. It’s simply easy—and enjoyable—to do great work with us.


In this area of delivery, we assist our clients in realizing their digital strategies. Our management consultants have extensive experience in initiating, driving, and implementing solutions that deliver what you actually want to achieve.

We have a great ability to position ourselves exactly where you want to achieve change—and transform. This way, we help you with your digital transition or transformation by making solutions tangible and alive for both you and your customers.

Our consultants’ communicative skills play a significant role here. Realizing strategies is based on collaboration, being free in thought, actively listening, conveying information—and challenging in the right places. We work together with our clients, not for them.

Establishment and Implementation of IT Strategy

Our consultants assist you in shaping your IT strategy based on where you currently stand. We are quick to understand your value streams and contribute experience and knowledge to translate this into delivery activities.

  • Modernization of IT Architecture
  • Process improvements through IT support
  • Procurement and implementation of new systems

Consultant roles: Enterprise Architect, Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst

Establishment and Implementation of Business Initiatives

Our communicative consultants help you grow your business by translating business initiatives into reality that meets your customers or employees. They are accustomed to managing stakeholders at all levels within your company and often lead projects or teams to deliver what creates value internally and for your customers.

  • Establishment and follow-up of business initiatives
  • Implementation and delivery of business initiatives
  • Quality assurance Method improvements – Way of Working

Consultant roles: Program Manager, Project Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Test Manager, Release Manager, BI Analyst


When a digital strategy is well defined, we offer comprehensive expertise to efficiently and value-orientedly realize it. Never with too few resources, never with too many. Always with a forward movement. With us, you gain access to world-class expertise in development and integration, as well as robust migration from legacy systems to modern cloud-based platforms.

Our consultants participate in—and have ongoing access to—a well-crafted skill development program. Read more about this here. This means you can always count on completely updated knowledge in our delivery, combined with a great ability to put them into practice. We also place great emphasis on honing our consultants’ communication skills, making projects much easier and faster to execute for both parties. And ensuring it’s right from the start.

Design and Development of Web/Mobile

Our communicative consultants assist you in designing and realizing your digital interaction with your customers. We are well-versed in best practices for both mobile solutions (native, responsive design, etc.) and major web frameworks (Vue, React, Angular, TypeScript, plain Javascript, etc.). The goal is to develop or maintain a solution that fits requirements, customer needs, and provides the value you strive for. We contribute our knowledge to help you achieve your goals!

  • Analysis and design of a new website
  • Implementation and management of a mobile solution
  • Refactoring of a legacy solution

Consultant roles: System Developer – mobile, frontend, fullstack, software architect, scrum master, agile coach

Design and Development of Backend Solutions

Our experienced consultants assist you in modeling, designing, and developing complex system solutions, with the necessary technology stack and architecture, regardless of whether the architecture is fundamentally microservices, distributed, or monolithic. We are accustomed to working in cloud solutions (primarily Azure, AWS, but also private solutions around Kubernetes or other technologies). Our consultants are accustomed to working in multiple programming languages (at least one of the major languages: C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, and often some side interests like Rust, Kotlin, etc.)

  • Analysis and design of a new IT solution
  • Modernization of system architecture
  • Modernization of IT architecture
  • Migration to a cloud solution
  • Design and implementation of new systems

Consultant roles: System Developer – backend, fullstack, software or solution architect, scrum master, agile coach

DevOps(Secure) and CI/CD

An important part of implementing a solution is ensuring it’s sustainable in the long run. Our consultants have experience not only in working in DevOps setups but also in developing CI/CD solutions and improving workflows to fit the organization and technical challenges. Security-conscious with respect for the balance between cost, time, and quality.

  • Implementation and management of CI/CD solutions
  • Establishing or leading DevOps teams

Consultant roles: DevOps developer, scrum master, software or solution architect


Our clients’ needs naturally evolve, and new needs sometimes arise from one day to another. For us at One Agency, it is therefore important in all situations, every day, to be a reliable, flexible, and fast collaborator for our clients. We have built our business around that promise.

To support our clients in their digital transformation, many competencies within a variety of areas are often required. That’s why One Agency has built an extensive network of partners across the country. This gives us immediate access to a fantastic range of expertise, both in tech and IT management, as well as in adjacent areas.

Since many of our partners have worked closely with us for a long time, we can match not only formal competencies but also personality and experience based on assignments to quickly find the right solution for our clients.

This delivery capability gives us full flexibility, whether it’s about quickly and powerfully augmenting an existing team with specialists or creating an entirely new and self-sufficient team with new competencies.

Learn more about our partner network here.